I've been endeavouring, albeit slowly, to include more white layering pieces in my collection. I feel like I've got black layering pieces sussed and I'm pretty solid with red too (if I do say so myself) but I'm completely lacking in white. I was going to finally get myself another Creepyyeha Ravish Me set in white to start off with but then I stumbled on BunnyRibs on Instagram and decided to take a chance on someone new. Generally I stick with Creepyeha or Hopeless for my harness needs because they're tried and tested, high quality, versatile pieces but I was taken in by the interesting designs and mix and match possibilities offered by BunnyRibs.

So I took the plunge, visited their web store and decided on my pieces. Their storenvy says international orders need to email for a shipping quote before purchasing so that's what I did. I received a speedy response of the amount and told to email if I had anymore questions. Me being dumb just went and purchased my items, leaving a 'note to seller' about my shipping quote since there was no other guidance given online or by the designer in the email. Which clearly was the wrong thing to do as I was charged a standard shipping fee that was more expensive than my quote. When I emailed I was told i should have asked them to set up some kind of listing for me if I wanted to pay the actual shipping cost I was quoted and even though it's completely possible, there was no mention of a partial refund through PayPal. So I ended up paying $45 for shipping, when it was only $35. I just let this slide because it's only £6-ish but it is strange practice to accept an overpayment from someone who has tried to follow your vague guidelines. 

I ordered my pieces in March and received them in May so overall a 2 month wait for production and shipping, on a par with Creepyyeha and Hopeless and within their guidelines. All of my emails were replied to exceptionally quickly as well. My items arrived in a sturdy box, however not discreetly packaged as the store name and an illustration of an arse was stuck on the outside (so something to think about if you like buying discreetly and considering this store's imagery is heavily fetish based and entirely nude you may not feel comfortable with some people seeing). Inside my items were wrapped in tissue paper and upon opening I realised each piece was laid flat in the tissue paper and stuck on with clear tape. Queue me spending 15 minutes cleaning sticky residue off the hardware of my harnesses. Possibly not the best packaging idea in my opinion.


I ordered the Justine and Valentina harnesses in White. All items are made in one standard size and custom sizes are available on request. For standard sizing i would say this is a pretty good fit. Most straps are adjustable and so it will fit a relatively large range of body shapes and sizes. The option of custom orders is also great as it doesn't disclude anyone from owning a piece however i'm not sure if you pay extra for a custom size. The smaller elastic is of silk-satin finish so is soft against the skin and the thicker elastic has more of a cotton finish but is still very soft. None of the elastic has an abrasive edge and so you could comfortably wear these pieces for long periods of time. The suspender clips are great, they're metal and very very sturdy, there's no possibility of your stockings falling down whatsoever and they're a lot easier to get on than regular suspender clips (especially the ones in the back). I get a very hardy feel from these pieces and i have no fear of them breaking with wear or the hardware snapping. All the material components seem like they're good quality.

And here's where this review takes a turn to a more negative side. Honestly I hate writing less than positive reviews because I feel like I'm letting people down (why?) but overall this order was very disappointing for me and I've had moments of genuine regret in purchasing these items. First off, the waist band of my Justine garter belt is completely a different colour to the rest of the elastic (same for the elastic attaching the suspender clips), it's an off cream as opposed to a brilliant white. You can't see it in my main photos because of my post production colour work (i.e. filters and level work to make a photo look more pleasing) but I've included a photo of this so you can see clearly. I immediately contacted BunnyRibs and sent photos on their request and was told some conflating info; that it may be discolouration due to shipping and I should try delicately washing the piece and that the fibres of the elastic were different and therefore the larger elastic wasn't going to be as white as the smaller elastic. BunnyRibs then went on to say they hoped it wasn't noticeable in all lighting (?!) and that they wished I lived closer so it was easily rectified. No actual solutions were given except to wash the piece so I came to terms with this being a construction flaw that they weren't willing to rectify.

This photo is completely unedited as you can tell from the cotton bobbles on my bedsheet...

Unfortunately the quality issues didn't end there (big sad face). When I finally tried this set on I realised something kind of devastating. One of BunnyRibs' biggest selling points is that their top and bottom harnesses can all be worn together and mix-and-matched through the clips on the top attaching to the o-rings on the bottom: "All Bunnyribs harnesses are designed to be worn interchangeably with any of our garter belts, and vice versa". Every photo with Valentina (even on their Instagram) shows her attached to the o-rings on waist bands that lie diagonally to the side of the clips. Which looks amazing. But the only o-ring small enough for the clips to attach to on my Justine was the middle o-ring and not only does this look awful aesthetically but it's clear these clips are made to have a minimum length more suited to the larger o-rings, i.e. The clips straps are too long. So these two pieces look awful together and I'm left with a top harness that has detachable clip hardware that needs to be clipped to something metal... Basically Valentina is unwearable unless I buy another BunnyRibs piece. 

Not only that but Valentina has one other large design flaw. The heart o-ring is such a cute idea and it was what drew me to the otherwise plain design but alas, it is just not working. The straps aren't secured to a specific position on the heart hardware so with minimal movement it turns sideways and won't stay still which leaves all the other straps akimbo and all over the place. And it does this almost immediately on wear, maybe if the straps were sewn on tighter it would have less movement so I could attempt to do this myself but I wish I didn't have to. 

Other little issues with this set were things like one of the suspender clips on Justine having rust discolouration in places and the sewing not being neat in places but these are things i'd usually overlook.

I know that although BunnyRibs put out a very polished image that makes them look long term established but they are a fairly new venture. All of these problems can be put down as teething problems that are especially present in harness designs which may look great on a mannequin but don't wear as well. Complicated harness designs can take a while to perfect. But the idea that they send out pieces with different coloured elastic and don't seem open to rectifying flaws like that for international customers isn't sitting well with me and I'm wholly aware that I have two fairly expensive pieces (in total I paid $225 or £165 for these pieces) where one is genuinely unwearable and the other is aesthetically unwearable. It seems to me that BunnyRibs are trying to run before they can walk but their designs aren't living up to the image they're putting out. I'm very understanding of the issues indie designers go through when setting up their stores and i'm often very generous in overlooking any issues especially since as a blogger I do see a lot of lingerie but sometimes I have to step back and be a customer with expectations that aren't met and empty pockets. I was so rooting for BunnyRibs to be my new favourite store but unfortunately that didn't happen.

All I can say is that I hope these are teething problems that go away with a bit more experience and i hope BunnyRibs take their customer feedback on board and are open to changing their designs. I also hope that any of my readers can make informed decisions about ordering from Bunnyribs. My recommendations would be to avoid any of the white or coloured designs since there's no guarantee the two sizes of elastic will be the same colour, stick to buying pieces that are definitely pictured together to make sure the clips on the top are compatible with the o-rings on the bottoms and if you're international make sure to email asking for a listing so you don't unnecessarily lose money on shipping. 


Lingerie Blogging & Financial Transparency


Recently two bloggers I admire a great deal, Morning Madonna and Marionette Mew, got me thinking about how I can be more transparent about both my spending habits and my lingerie collection with their great posts; Life: Buying Transparency and Lingerie & Transparency Revisited. Two very excellent posts which I suggest you go have a read of if you're interested in this topic.

If you've been around the lingerie 'community' for more than 18 months you'll have noticed the sudden influx of new lingerie accounts across all social media and no matter how long you've been kicking about you may have found yourself balking and feeling intimidated at how many seem to have any endless supply of new season, high end lingerie to post. I know I have. And it's not for us to debate how others finance their collections or how much they disclose about their means but a question that crops up time and time again, one asked of me a lot and i'm sure is asked of others, is: "How do you afford your lingerie?" or "How can I build a collection like yours, do I have to be rich?" And as bloggers, I personally feel we should follow by the example already set by others to make sure we're not perpetuating some kind of unsustainable lifestyle to our readers.

 I've touched on my finances in my FAQ post but some part of me wants to be a lot more open with my spending habits so this post is a thorough case study of all the lingerie that has entered my collection since the 1st of January 2016. I don't have an exceptionally well paying job and I have rent/bills/taxes dominating my income so I definitely don't ever want to give off the impression that i'm either supremely wealthy or living beyond my means. I have lingerie higher than most in my priorities but I still have to save or make non essential sacrifices to purchase. I have debated posting something like this because I can already picture the passive aggressive mentions in some people's posts but sod them and their shameless hate stalking attempts. This is not a poor attempt at bragging or showing off. Frankly I work my arse off for every piece of lingerie that I add to my collection, even those gifted to me for reviews are paid for with the hours I spend photographing/writing/promoting my posts. Also worth mentioning that I don't earn any money whatsoever from my blog. Absolutely nada so i'm thankful for every brand who works with Of Lambs and Lace and helps me keep a relatively regular flow of posts. I just want to give a flavour of what this lingerie blogger spends so that anyone looking to follow in my footsteps or just curate a collection similar to mine can see exactly where my own money has gone:

January Lascivious Logo Knickers N/A
Press Freebie from The Lingerie Edit

January Sapph Thong £11.50
Press Freebie from The Lingerie Edit
January TLBC Charlotte Bra £41.51
PR Gift
January TLBC Charlotte Brief £22.14
PR Gift
January Cassandra Dinah Bodysuit £32.63
Paid out of my wages
January Agashi Belle Choker £38 Paid out of my wages
January Agashi Seifuku Panty £44.50 Paid out of my wages (pictured)
January Agashi Seifuku Top £51.50 Paid out of my wages (pictured)
January Agashi Bettie Choker £8.30 Free with purchase
January Bluebella Selena Set £14 Gift from Becky ♥
February Bluebella Blake Bra £36 Gifted free from Bluebella for a review
February Bluebella Blake Brief £20 Gifted free from Bluebella for a review
March BunnyRibs Justine Garter Belt £79 Paid out of wages (pictured: review to come soon)
March BunnyRibs Valentina Harness £44.60 Paid out of wages (pictured: review to come soon)
April Creepyyeha Waist Cincher £82.30 Paid out of long term savings
April Creepyyeha Fenti Bra £126.85 Paid out of long term savings
April Creepyyeha Fenti Garter Belt £126.85 Paid out of long term savings
April Cream Intimates Iris Set £60 Gift from Beau for anniversary ♥
April NightProwl London Elysium Bra £140 Gifted free from NightProwl for a review
April NightProwl London Elysium Brief £60 Gifted free from NightProwl for a review
May Agent Provocateur Cate Bra £125 Gift from Mother for birthday ♥ (pictured)
May Agent Provocateur Cate Thong £175 Gift from Mother for birthday ♥
May Agent Provocateur Cate Suspender £110 Gift from Mother for birthday ♥
May Martha Rose Dahlia Bra £56 Gifted free from Martha Rose for review
May Martha Rose Patchwork Knicker £38 Gifted free from Martha Rose for review
May Lascivious Annie Bodysuit £375 50% off press discount/£100 cheque from Father for birthday/paid from wages
May TLBC Alana Bra £41.51 Gifted from TLBC for a review (review to come soon)
May TLBC Alana Brief £22.14 Gifted from TLBC for a review (review to come soon)
May TLBC Kaia Bra £41.51 Gifted from TLBC for a review (review to come soon)
May TLBC Kaia Brief £22.14 Gifted from TLBC for a review (review to come soon)

As you can see, I tend to make, on average, one big lingerie purchase a month. I also request lingerie as gifts from loved ones (although i don't expect them to buy me it) and I receive samples for the purpose of reviews. The first half of 2016 has been one mostly dominated by press samples (of which i'm very grateful) and less of my own spending because I started a new job in January (having been a carefree student for the previous 4 years), got promoted in February and decided to channel my disposable income elsewhere for the time being so lingerie hasn't been my highest priority. I've also fairly recently (within the past year) decided to buy more ethically and occasionally spend a higher amount on items from indie brands than spend a lower amount on fast fashion lingerie but more frequently. I used my long term savings once this period, these are savings from previous jobs and my inheritance from a few deceased loved ones who have died in the past 6 years and occasionally I spoil myself rotten and use them for something frivolous like lingerie or holidays as opposed to having them as an emergency fund.

I'm not sure if i'll keep this up, although if anyone is into the idea then I can certainly try to post an update at the end of the year. Let me know what you think in the comments about these kinds of posts. I know it may seem daft and unnecessary to some but I felt the need.

Edit: Another great post on this topic has been written by Vicky and you can read it at The Lingerista



So I attended The Lingerie Edit in January and had a whale of a time meeting all the people behind some amazing brands and torturing myself with lingerie that wouldn't be released for months. The Annie bodysuit by Lascivious is something that had pride of place at their stand and I basically spent 15 minutes zoning out just basking in how much I needed it. I kept in touch with the head of sales at Lascivious and she was kind enough to present everyone with 50% off press discounts. Naturally most spent their discounts almost immediately but I waited, and waited, and waited until the time limit on my discount almost ran out (and Lascivious were amazing enough to extend it for two months just in case) but FINALLY Annie was released and my wait was over. So with the help of my press discount and a birthday cheque, I was able to get Annie for a price I could actually afford to pay right now (new family member is taking all my money and she's not even home yet!). 

My order was dispatched exceptionally quick and appeared to be going smoothly except my delivery would have gone terribly wrong if I hadn't checked the tracking info on the day it was supposed to arrive. When you search for my postcode in any kind of address finder it always brings up the wrong address first. Obviously a postcode isn't unique to one building in a city and so whoever at Lascivious booked my delivery with their courier clearly input my postcode into an address finder and then didn't check if this actually was correct against the address I gave them. Which means I had to have my delivery diverted to a 'local' pick up shop, which took an extra two days and took my entire lunch break to pick up because otherwise some stranger in another building somewhere down the road would have ended up with my expensive lingerie and Lascivious would have proof of delivery to the wrong address. It's a situation where everyone loses out so no bueno. I've never had this happen to me before and i've been buying online for a long time. Hopefully this is just a one off and the person in charge of shipping at Lascivious was just having an unobservant day but if you do buy from Lascivious then I would recommend you double check your tracking info as early as possible. 

But other than that hitch, my Annie bodysuit arrived in perfect condition and with a large black storage box. And you all know how much I appreciate chic storage boxes.

  lascivious-9lascivious-5 lascivious-11  
So I ordered Annie in the smallest size available, which happens to be a size small. Annie only comes in sizes small, medium or large and I was anxious about that being too big but I wasn't going to pass up on my dream bodysuit. The fit surprises me. I'm a pear shaped individual, my hips and thighs are the widest part of my body, measuring 32.5" but it's the bottom half of this bodysuit that is loose on me. The top fits perfectly, i would say it's an almost ideal fit for my small bust. But the bottom half is loose, which is great because it means i can pull the waist over my sizely parts but it's not snug enough to stay in place (migrating to more southern places on my body) and if i sit down it wrinkles a lot. Due to the nature of the bodysuit though, when i wear the pieces together this is not really an issue, it doesn't swamp my waist and looks like a pretty decent fit, but i will probably only be able to wear the top separately. I feel without anything holding them up the bottoms will probably just slip down and the fabric would all bunch. So my advice is that the top fits like an XS and the bottoms fit like a S maybe? I'm also inclined to believe if you have a larger bust then you'd need to size up because the act of fitting tits into the top may cause the gap between the top and bottoms to become so wide you can't actually do up the hooks. But from a selfish stand point, this is a winner for small busts and i'm kind of a.o.k. with that because we so rarely get winners.

I would say the reason for the fit being like this is because the mesh fabric has only a small bit of stretch in it and rather than stretch to accommodate your body, the pattern has been cut large enough to fit as is. The mesh has a unique design with panelling details to give it some structure and shape. The bodysuit itself is made from a top and bottom that attach together with many (many) hooks and eyes. Both the top and bottom pieces also have sections that unhook to both customise the look and make it easier to put the garment on. The gusset on the bottoms fastens with two hook and eye fastenings which aren't ideal, i'd probably prefer poppers just to reduce the risk of them coming unhooked, but it will make peeing so much easier. 

As for wearability, this set is surprisingly comfortable, the fabric isn't abrasive on the skin at all, it's not restrictive and the only hassle is actually putting it on and doing up like 100 hooks and eyes, some of them behind your back (i'm someone who has zero dextrality when doing things i can't see, as referenced by one of my bra bands being only half fastened in these pictures...so I definitely deserve a medal for getting them all hooked and unhooked myself). As you wear the bodysuit and move about in it, some of the fastenings will come undone but meh, small price to pay for such an amazing feat of design. And when i say amazing I mean, my mind boggles at how many hours it must have taken to grade this piece and get it all to work. How long it took to get all the hooks to line up with all the eyes and then sew them in so neatly you can't even see any stitches. So far i've also not managed to put my nails through any of the mesh and even though when putting it on i've gotten a fair few hooks tangled and tugged on, so far no casualties. So whilst i will continue to be gentle with her, i'm pretty confident that it will take a lot of wear before there's any damage or degradation to this piece. 

I'm so impressed, I feel like I own a piece of wearable art and whilst the desire to get it framed and stuck on my wall is strong, instead I'm going to wear this piece endlessly. I'm already like a billion percent certain my outfit for the next Lingerie Edit in July will be high waisted black denim shorts with this baby underneath because Annie fits in so perfectly with my wardrobe. So basically what i'm trying to say is, it was five long months but Annie and I are reunited and it feels so good. Absence really does make the heart grow fonder and we're going to be inseparable from now on to make up for lost time. I wish these photos really did this piece justice, because it is stunning in person and really does look amazing on but you'll just have to take my word for it and oggle the model photos on the product page which really display Annie in all her glory.

*I purchased this piece with a 50% off press discount but all opinions are my own and i'd have definitely bought it at full price, it would have just taken me a lot longer to save for.


Martha Rose

Recently Martha Rose contacted me and asked if i'd like to try out their lingerie. I've recently been all about ridiculously architectural lingerie that looks amazing but isn't the most comfortable for summer lounging. So when I visited the Martha Rose website for the first time and saw the adorable home page photo of a stunning model looking oh so comfortable and relaxed, i was pretty sold on them. Martha Rose hand makes all their lingerie in the UK out of men's cotton shirtings and their own bespoke prints. I'm a huge fan of lingerie made from natural, breathable fabrics, it's always guaranteed to be comfortable and also pretty damn good for 'feminine hygiene' too. So basically i cannot say no to an indie UK based lingerie designer who makes comfortable lingerie in breathable fabrics. And clearly i didn't say no.

Martha Rose makes three styles of bra, The more structured plunge Anemone and the full cup Meadowsweet bra are adorable and perfect for those with bigger busts who want more shape and support but unfortunately for us small bust owners, only go down to a 32B. So i opted for the soft cup Dahlia and prayed it fit sub 32B sizes.

Two days after i confirmed my interest with Martha Rose, and on my birthday no less, my lingerie arrived in an attractive metallic package and came with a perfect little drawstring storage bag made from the same shirt material. It felt like a lovely birthday present to open it and my immediate impressions were very very positive. I see a lot of lingerie, it's kind of my sixth sense, so for me to be giving immediate heart eyes to a set that is as simplistic as this one, well you know it must be pushing my buttons.

So i ordered the Dahlia bra in white lace in an XS and the matching Patchwork Knicker in white lace in a Small. I was a little apprehensive because the size guide says the XS in a soft bra is best suited to a size 32B/34A and the size small knickers were best suited to 35" to 37" hips but i'm glad i had a bit of faith. The Dahlia bra fits really perfectly, it is snug against my bust sitting flush everywhere and giving me a nice lifted, rounded shape. The band measures 25" flat and stretches up to 34". The Patchwork knickers fit wonderfully too, they're a little loose but in a comfortable not digging into my soft bits way. The full bum doesn't sag anywhere and is a much more flattering fit that i had expected, it doesn't cover my entire bum but nicely cuts across the cheeks. They measure 25" flat and stretch up to 38" around the waistband.

The set is constructed out of a soft but stiff shirt material with complimentary large flower lace panels. The big lace panel on the Dahlia bra sits perfectly at the top of my nipples and with wear only slips down a little so they cutely peek out the top. Because the lace is just as sturdy my nipples peeking out doesn't affect the fit of the bra or shape it gives my bust. All the seams are perfectly finished and tiny, honestly some very impressive construction goes into these pieces. The fully adjustable bra straps are covered in ruched shirting material so they're both comfortable but also fit in with the rest of the design. The only thing i don't like about this set is the colour of the bows. But i'm terribly, horribly biased about the colour purple so i don't have a leg to stand on and although i'd love my bows to be a pale pink or blue, i can live with the purple for this level of comfort.

I am anticipating spending most of my free time this summer lounging about in this set and i'm actually, genuinely excited to see what Martha Rose have in store for AW16 as clearly i also need to spend my winter lounging about in something this comfortable too. I think it's so easy to get hung up on lingerie that pushes boundaries and looks very complicated but everyone needs comfortable, breathable lingerie to lounge in, to sleep in, etc and instead of the ugly high street basics that fall apart, i'm so pleased i found Martha Rose. Now my 'lazy' lingerie is beautiful, ethical and flattering. 

*These items were gifted to me free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions and writings are my own


Frequently Asked Questions


♥ Who are you?
♡ You can call me Lamb. I'm an almost 23 year old female with a very small bust. I'm from northern England. I'm a feminist. I have a masters degree in astrophysics. I'm happily in a relationship with someone who supports my lingerie blogging and occasionally plays photographer. I collect comic books and like freshly cut flowers. I'm anxiety ridden and socially awkward. This blog is only one small part of my life, the side you see of me is only one part of a much larger story.

♥ Why don't you show/why do you hide your face?
♡ I'm diagnosed with having phobic reactions to images of my face. Which is basically a therapist's fancy way of saying that seeing photographs of my face scares and upsets me because i can't recognise myself. It's slightly more complex than that (like i'm semi okay when i can see myself posing and stuff, like a webcam because i have time to recognise myself in motion) but you get the gist that whilst i enjoy the anonymity not having my face associated with my blog affords me, i also couldn't handle sifting through endless photos of my face for every post (it's difficult enough when i accidentally capture it in photos). That and even if i was okay with it, i'm a total derp and no one wants to see that...

♥ I don't like you/that thing you do/that thing you said.
♡ Cool. This blog isn't really about me as a person, occasionally I foray into more personal posts and I suppose this falls into that category but I'm not looking to find validation in who I am from strangers. So if you do find the small peeks of my personality and life are not to your taste then i'm sure there's another blogger out there who can meet all your needs.    

♥  How do you afford your lingerie?
♡ Contrary to what you might think i am not a rich person. In the first 2.5 years of this blog I was a university student and worked two part time jobs to afford my collection. Now, I work a full time job and whilst I'm not earning minimum wage, I'm not making bank either. After bills, taxes, food and rent I'm left with maybe 20% of my income as 'disposable'. I find having two bank accounts, one for necessities and one for luxuries helps me save for high ticket lingerie purchases. I also buy during sales, engage in mailing lists and brand social media accounts to obtain discount codes distributed to consumers and occasionally dip into my larger savings (inherited from family members who have sadly passed away) treating them like a credit card where I can slowly pay the money back to myself if I truly am too impatient to wait. I'm also lucky to have a Beau, mother and friends who will consider buying me lingerie within their budgets as birthday/Christmas presents. 

♥  Do you actually wear your expensive lingerie for anything other than taking pictures/sex/etc?
♡ The short answer is yes. I buy pieces I feel I can incorporate into my wardrobe or are hardy enough to wear on the regular. Sometimes i plan my outfits around my lingerie, other times i plan my lingerie around my outfits. I just don't like owning lingerie that I can't/don't wear (it takes up space) so it usually gets rehomed leaving me with a collection in regular rotation. To me, lingerie is for wearing and it serves a practical purpose as well as an aesthetic one. The items I guess I wear least are my suspenders belts purely because I wear very short skirts that don't cover the tops of stockings and most days I'm too damn lazy to deal with the public's reaction to visible stockings and suspenders (not to mention I can't wear them to work so that's 5 days out of 7 they're out of the picture). 

♥ How/why did you start lingerie blogging?
♡ I started this blog when I was 19. 11 months earlier I'd managed to finally make some peace with having a small bust and I'd just started my foray into finding lingerie that actually fit me and made me finally feel good about my body. I'd been lingerie obsessed since I was a pre teen (having asked my mother for an Agent Provocateur set for my 18th birthday, about 6 years shy of it) and never developing a core size bust had been a huge blow to me as i'd wrongfully assumed that if you were sub core size, you weren't busty enough for any lingerie. As i found this wasn't necessarily the case  i looked to find a platform where i could further my education and share my journey with others who were in a similar mindset. The landscape of lingerie blogging was entirely different back then and I'd seen countless fashion blogs but never encountered a lingerie blog so I was able to grow and learn in a much less saturated community, one that cared about fit and education.
♡ As for starting a blog, I just founded this blogspot, posted a few things and started promoting myself through the community I'd found. There was no Instagram in those days so I had to promote myself more through words than photos. It's been a slog to build up a readership and I've seen many good blogs disappear in my time. But I'm lucky that when I started, the community was so sparse that other blogs and brands took note of newcomers and supported them. People happily retweeted me or mentioned me in their blog rolls. I don't feel like I'm an authority or particularly successful in blogging but I'm happy in my little niche, I have made genuine friends and built up relationships with brands I care about and occasionally someone gets in touch to thank me for helping them with their body confidence or small bust struggles. So the hard work has been wholly worth it.
♡ If you're thinking about starting an actual lingerie blog then my advice is to start your blog before indulging in social media. Building a genuine readership is much more important to the success of a blog than having many followers on social media whose interactions never go beyond likes. It's hard to tempt people to view your writings when you've gained them solely because of your photos. So reach out to the lingerie blogging community online through engaging on others blogs, dedicated reddits, etc. before reaching out to those interested in lingerie visuals on social media.

♥ How do you store your lingerie?

♡ Many ways and probably not in the most space efficient way.  I have a hand painted vintage suitcase/trunk (thanks Ma!) for my Agent Provocateur and some other luxury pieces. I used to store all my Agent Provocateur in their individual boxes but the trunk overflowed massively and i just ended up with a huge pile of pink boxes in my living room. So now i divide my Agent Provocateur into 4 boxes, one for bras i wear at least once a week, one for knickers/suspenders/waspies i wear at least once a week, and the other two for pieces on slightly less of a regular rotation. I then have two big white boxes for other luxury pieces that need to be stored delicately, one for knickers and suspenders, the other for bras. My Creepyyeha and Agashi by Christina O live in the garment bags they came in. Luxury pieces that don't fit in said trunk and come in their own boxes are stored on shelves about my apartment. Baby dolls and bodysuits I want to keep nice are hung on my wall. Non luxury throwaway (we're talking low quality fast fashion like Topshop, etc) or lower price point pieces are stored in a chest of drawers where I have a drawer for bras and a drawer for knickers. I regularly clear these drawers out, disposing of any old pieces that aren't in the best condition (i hate when elastic fibres begin to show or colour fades) and giving away pieces that I just never wear.

♥ How do you wash your lingerie?
♡ Believe it or not I don't own a washing machine. I wish I did but my apartment is perfect in every way to me and therefore I'm not moving just to have one. So I've had to hand wash all my expensive delicates and my everyday pieces the way my mother taught me to since i moved in 3 years ago. I use Ecover Delicate detergent in warm water, gently rinsing and removing any dirt/secretions and then rinsing in cold water until there's no soap residue left. I then either dry flat or on a clothes horse. My non delicates (I.e. cheap stuff) just go in a washing machine when I get the chance to use one (laundromat or my darling mother's). I don't really see the point of laundry bags, if i'm anal enough about a piece to worry about washing it then it gets hand washed. 

♥ What's your creative process for photos?
♡ I guess I wrote a blog post on this a while back: Tips From an Amateur Photographer. But it's probably a tad outdated and really I just try to create photos I can look at 50+ times and not loathe. I aim to not have photos that are monotonous. I think it's lovely to have a style and recurring theme in photos but I can't bare to have the same setting, the same set-up in consecutive blog posts. I'm always trying to utilise my apartment in ways that provide a different backdrop and really if I get semi decent photos then it's all pure fluke. What I see in my head never ever translates to camera and I'm a shite model so I guess my creative process is just 'don't fuck up'.

♥ How do you pick the pieces you buy?
♡ I have a distinct personal taste, like everyone does. So of course my interest is always piqued by aesthetics first, but then I get practical. Small busts experience a wide variety of fit issues and so if I know it's going to look shit on me or not fit because of the shape then I don't buy (like 98% of the time, sometimes i'm irrational and stupid). I also have a mental list of priorities, I know what I want asap and I know what I can handle waiting a year or even more for. Sometimes this is set by how limited a particular style is, sometime's it's set by my knowledge of the brand's annual sales, sometimes it's set by me waiting to see if anyone else is going to take the time to review it so i get an idea of the fit, sometimes it's set by me wanting to review the pieces myself.  Nowadays I ask myself about ethics, quality and most recent design origin before a purchase too. Those are important factors to me, things I've grown to care a lot about. You can keep your Dita Von Tease, For Love and Lemons, Victoria Secret lines (except seamless thongs, give me all of their seamless thongs forever) because I've seen nearly every design from someone else before and i'd rather support the indies they've been influenced by.

♥ How do you keep your lingerie in good condition if you wear it regularly?
♡ Don't wear it with anything that could damage it, wash it gently, try not to put your nails through the lace, just be careful. As with all material things, there will be wear and tear over its lifetime before it inevitably becomes too ruined to wear. It's just the laws of entropy man, order has to tend towards chaos and I'd rather spend the lifetime of my lingerie enjoying it than leaving it in its box, too scared to accidentally damage it.

♥ Is your Creepyyeha comfortable to wear?
♡ I get asked this a lot and i guess the answer is a personal one. Any lingerie with a decent amount of hardware on it is going to have some weight to it. The strength of your upper body and core muscles will dictate how long you feel comfortable carrying around that extra weight. I personally find that with a bandeau underneath to protect my piercings, i can wear my Creepyyeha Uri set for 6 to 7 hours with only mild discomfort towards the end. But i weight train twice a week and consider myself to be above average in strength, not by much but probably more than people who don't engage their muscles by strength training often. I guess if you're hell bent on owning it then you'll find ways to make it work for you.

♥ Why do you get mad when people sexualise your photos?
♡ I believe that there is nothing inherently sexual about skin. It is not a sex organ. We do not view all skin as sexual, we do not view children's skin as sexual, we do not view skin that is no longer attached to the human body as sexual. If i removed all my skin and presented it to someone, i'm sure they'd agree with me that in itself, skin is not sexual. There's a distinction between a human body, that yes exists in a naked state and a human body in a sexual situation. That distinction is consent. The reason many human beings fail to understand this is because of years of misogyny that's been ingrained into society that presents female bodies as objects that exist to appeal. Objects that have been over sexualised time and time again. I do not present my body in a sexual manner here. Lingerie is not inherently sexual (it was born from practical need) and i do not consent to having my body viewed as an object that only exists to arouse someone who does not respect me enough to determine my lack of consent. If i am able to detach my sexuality from my everyday perceptions then so can you.

That's all for now folks, i tried to answer the questions that people ask the most but if you have any more burning questions, feel free to leave them in a comment and i'll get back to you asap! 


Cream Intimates

The other week my Beau and i reached a big milestone for us, our one year anniversary. It's a date that happens to fall a week after his birthday and less than a month before mine so the months of April and May are particularly indulgent for us. That being said, we're currently saving up for our new member of the family (July can't come soon enough) so i put together a list of inexpensive gifts to cover both events (mostly comic books and figurines) but one lingerie set did slip on and Beau being the sweetest Pickle in the world surprised me with it (after many other amazing gifts).

Cream Intimates are a British indie who popped onto my radar via instagram. Whilst not all of their styles are my cup of tea, i was instantly drawn to the Limited Edition Iris Ring Detail set. As you know, i love strappy designs and i love hardware so total no brainer right? After my last disaster with putting lingerie on my gift wishlist i was nervous about adding this set but its aesthetics won me over and since i'm on a bit of a lingerie spending ban, i thought it was worth a try to get someone else to pay for me to indulge in a new, local (as in same country), indie brand.

Beau ordered the bra in a 32A and the knickers in an XS small for me AND THIS TIME, the fit was perfect! Like snug all over but not digging in perfect. Like fits my 24" waist and my 32.5" hips perfect. Like sits actually on my waist and not twenty inches below it perfect. Like gives me a great smoothed over shape with a little lift and minimal wrinkling in the cups perfect. Like i could wear this for days and on long haul flights and to sleep and to climb a mountain and feel comfortable perfect. 
But i'm getting ahead of myself. Once i undid the bow and removed Beau's perfect wrap job (he's getting better than me at all things domestic) i was confronted by a simple black box with a Cream Intimates logo on it. It's so minimalistic and pleasing, i'm adding it to my list of lingerie storage i would be happy to have on display in my apartment. Inside the box was a chunky fishnet laundry bag (i also love this bag, a lot) and inside there was my Iris. So perfectly presented in a vessel befitting of the lingerie inside it.
The set itself is a very fine micro mesh with matte satin elastic strapping and overlapping gold metal hardware. The knickers have a flattering low rise cut to them in the front and a high rise cut in the back. The elastic strap around the waist gives the illusion of a large cutout detail but without the commitment of actually cutting parts of the fabric away. It's clever. It's effective. It's comfortable. The bra has wide set cups (yassss) with a central dart for shaping and a thick band which keeps my little goodies securely in place whilst lifting a tad. Both sets of straps are functional and fully adjustable although i will say the sliders are a bit stiff at first.
As for a more thorough overview of the sizing, the 32A bra measures 25" around the band and stretches up to 34". The XS knickers measure 24" around the waist strap and have a couple of inches stretch in them too. 

This set exceeded all my expectations. I expected it to be a cute set, nothing overly special but cute. What i actually got was a very special set, one that makes me feel good about myself, one that reminds me of someone i care about a great deal, one that is comfortable and one that feels like me. No airs, no graces. This is me as a lingerie set. This is me wearing the same lingerie set for the rest of my life. This is me happy. So that's a win.
Think i'll have to pick up the Pamela bra next although i'm kind of praying they release knickers with high waisted strapping detailing to match because i'm not about that high leg life, but i'm all about straps going all up my body... Duh.


NightProwl London

Recently NightProwl London got in touch with me with some sweet words about my blog and a request for a collaboration. I'm always blown away when brands take the time to check out what i do and make their emails to me personal, it makes me feel like i'm not talking to myself and shows when a brand really cares about what they have to offer! 
Currently NightProwl offer two of their ranges in bra sizes that go down to a 30B and i'm a sucker for a brand offering my sister size (28Cs are gold dust but 30Bs are equally as rare nowadays). They offered me a choice between Elixir and Elysium and although it was a tough one, i opted for Elixir because i thought the shape would be more complimentary to my shallow, wide set bust. 
When the package arrived however, i'd been sent Elysium in ivory which would have been a disappointment if i weren't immediately super impressed with how stunning it was. Sometimes surprises can be so much better than you'd imagined ♡  

So in my beautiful box of goodies (no seriously, pink AP boxes move over because NightProwl have my aesthetic taste in a storage solution) i received the Elysium Bra in a 30B and the Elysium Brief in an XS. 
The ivory range is billed as bridal (you all know my thoughts on things being labelled as bridal...) and the ivory silk definitely fits the typical wedding vibe but to me it's just a very luxe addition to my collection. I love all shades of white and i love extremely soft silk so it's a winner for me irregardless of my disinterest in marriage and everything that comes with it. Although the fabric is a fine silk, it's pretty sturdy and only delicate in looks. The construction really matches the beauty of the fabric too. All the seams have their place in the design and the subtle structure to the cups and briefs are reminiscent of a very floral rendition of the art deco movement. Also the Guipure lace trimming the cups, detachable, decorative arm straps and brief cutout is divine and something i haven't come across before. The gusset on the briefs is fully lined with a fabric less prone to fluid damage and the bra has little pockets inside for any extra padding you may want to add (although none for me because then my nipples would officially be making the great escape).

The fit of the brief is snug and flattering. Their size guide pegs an XS as a size 6-8 but i'd say they run more towards a size 6, with them sitting flush against my currently 32.5" hips. Unfortunately the fit of the bra is not quite as ideal for me. The band runs true to size and i find it most comfortable on the tightest fastening which is consistent with my band measurement being 3" smaller. The cups are constructed in such a way that they push your bust up giving a nice rounded shape on top but also pushing your nipples up out of the cups and sitting them behind the Guipure lace trimming. I'm not entirely sure if this peak-a-boo effect is intended or if my nipples are supposed to sit in the main body of the cup. But i find if i push them back down and try to re-adjust then i get some gape. It could very well be because i am not so suited to balcony styles and i don't have much breast mass on top to push my nipples a bit further south so, much like the Duke of York, when my boobs are up, they're up! (i.e. my entire breast is up including my nipple, instead of some of the top mass just shifting to a more raised position). This definitely makes this set less of an everyday one for me since my piercings (and ridiculous angel wing jewellry) are guaranteed to get all bunched up in that lace, and thus will be relegated to my special occasions and layering pieces arsenal.

Overall i'm exceptionally impressed with the construction and size range of NightProwl. I love that they're trying to offer some of their more interesting styles in smaller sizes. One upon a time i'd have never thought that i'd own such a lush, mature, stunning set like this so i'm very happy NightProwl has given me opportunity to. I'm super excited to see what they come up with next and hopefully get my hands on Elixir to show some support for their smaller sizes (and get another one of their ugh so perfect boxes).

*These items were gifted to me free of charge for the purpose of a review. All opinions and writings are my own